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At some point in our lives, many, if not all of us, will experience a crisis of belief that will test and challenge the very core of our being. It will bring us face to face with what defines us, who we are and how our beliefs and thoughts influence and impact our decisions and actions, our character, those around us and ultimately, our eternal destiny.


El Shaddai Enterprises, owned and operated by Diane Houston-Lloyd, a spirit-filled Christian in British Columbia, Canada, was birthed out of such a crisis of belief.  The birth pangs started when Diane began to question her own spiritual belief systems while serving as a strategic human resources consultant in the criminal justice, healthcare, government and hospitality fields. Although she had been exposed to the religion of Christianity as a child, she had never experienced a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Gradually, she moved away from her Christian roots and dabbled in some New Age philosophies.



Without realizing it at the time, this crisis of belief would take her on a spiritual journey involving mountain climbing and scuba diving expeditions to different parts of the world, mainly to developing countries. It would be here that she would be faced with her own fears and limiting beliefs about who she was and her God given purpose in life.


While on this journey, she met people and leaders of different backgrounds, cultures and faiths. These experiences caused her to question so many aspects about her own life, particularly her purpose and calling, her beliefs and the excessive materialism that she was surrounded by back in North America. She was amazed as to how the people in some of the developing countries, who had so much less compared to those in North America, were actually so much richer in other ways. 


It was during this time, May 24th, 1997, to be specific, that Diane had a supernatural encounter with the living Jesus Christ and experienced a love and grace not of this world. This divine appointment changed her life forever. It brought the past, present and future into alignment and brought clarity, purpose and an eternal perspective to her life’s work.  


El Shaddai Enterprises is the outcome of this journey. El Shaddai, which means God Almighty, was chosen as the company name as it speaks to the love, honour, relationship and intimacy Diane shares with her Heavenly Father. 


We are living in a world today, a global community, that is in constant change and crisis and what seemed true yesterday may quickly become a thing of the past tomorrow. The age of information and technology is upon us and new ideas and innovations are happening at unprecedented rates. The internet and social media have forever changed the way we conduct business and how we communicate with one another. While this may be one of the most exciting times and strategic times to live in history, it is also proving to be one of the most chaotic and dangerous times as well. 


Amidst all of this,God’s unfailing love and timeless truths never change and those who surrender to His Kingdom plans and purposes are supernaturally transformed from within. They begin to operate from a Kingdom perspective vs. a world perspective here on earth.


God is raising up an army of Christian men and women who are called for such a time as this…….Christians who have come through their own crisis of belief, who are chasing after the Lord at a much deeper level of intimacy and truth and who are not willing to compromise their Christian beliefs. 


Diane Houston-Lloyd is one of those Christians and her company, El Shaddai Enterprises, is built upon the premise that cultures of honour are created from the inside out.


As an ambassador and change agent for Jesus Christ, Diane helps

women navigate their way through a spiritual crisis of belief about who they are in Christ so that correction and clarity can propel them 

forward in establishing and sustaining cultures of honour within the Seven Cultural Mountains: Family, Religion, Business, Government, Education, Media and Arts and Entertainment. A culture of honour that reflects the supernatural character of God and His Kingdom principles.


So, let me ask you?

Are you experiencing a crisis of belief?  

Then check out the three services offered through El Shaddai Enterprises.  

You will discover that a crisis of belief is an opportunity to draw closer to God.  As a Christian or someone seeking the truth, it is an opportunity to discover the truth about who you are in Christ, how your relationship with God, yourself and others starts from the inside out, how forgiveness is critical to your own healing and how you can make an eternal difference in one or more of the Seven Mountains of Cultural Influence. 


Remember, in the midst of all of this, it is not the external enemy that is your main concern, although legitimate; it is your mind and beliefs where the real battle occurs and it is your choice as to how you want to see this played out on the battlefield of your mind. 

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”
James 8:32
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