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Diane Houston-Lloyd founded Higher Calling Coaching and Consulting (formerly known as Lloyd & Associates) in 2002 in response to a growing malaise that Diane had been witnessing in her role as a Human Resources Consultant in the workplace since the mid-late 1990's. 


With a Masters in Criminology and a Business Diploma in Human Resources Management coupled with over 20 years of combined experience as a Manager, Human Resources strategist and facilitator, Diane had been able to successfully assist various leaders and managers in the public, not-for-profit, healthcare and private sectors with their Human Resources processes and business practices. 


At the same time, Diane knew that there was still something missing in her line of work that was not addressing the head/heart connection and the spiritual component in all of this.


Her desire for the truth, her passion for excellence and her research on servant leadership vs. self-serving leadership prompted her to seek answers. This prompting led her on a spiritual journey which led her to a crisis of belief about her own spiritual beliefs when she had a supernatural encounter with the living Jesus Christ. This encounter brought her to her knees and it resulted in her inviting Jesus Christ into her heart as her own Lord and Saviour in 1994 in Vancouver, BC.  


This was a life changing experience for Diane, both personally and professionally, as it brought clarity, purpose and an eternal perspective to her life and work.  Since that time, Diane's focus has been to serve and empower Christian men and women create cultures of honour reflective of God's truths and His Kingdom principles within what Lance Wallnau calls the Seven Mountains. Lance, a spirit-filled Christian teacher and prophetic voice, identifies these mountains as Family, Religion, Business, Government, Education, Media and Arts and Entertainment. It is within these mountains that Lloyd and Associates focuses its time and efforts.  Through intercessory prayer, the leading of the Holy Spirit, coaching and the application of a Cultural Transition Framework, Diane and her Associates help Christian leaders to:


  • Understand the spiritual roots, scriptures and character traits that reflect a culture of honour and what that  means for a Christian leader within one or more of these 7 Mountains

  • Assess the current culture of the business, ministry, church and/or leadership team

  • Identify and address the barriers and leverage points that impede/enable the creation of a culture of honour in this environment

  • Develop a vision, plan of action, coaching strategies and business processes that will support and empower the creation of a culture of honour that speaks to a strong, consistent set of values and beliefs where trust, honour, integrity, collaboration and accountability characterize the interactions amongst people

  • Determine the resources needed to sustain this culture amidst constant change and diversity in demographics

Those called to this assignment must understand that a culture of honour begins with leadership.....that a leader must first "die to self to live" and to lead, a leader must know "how to serve first."  

Diane & her Associates operate on the premise that it takes an anointed interdisciplinary spirit-filled team of Christian men and women, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, to serve and empower others in the creation and sustainability of cultures of honour within these seven mountains of influence. By so doing, this brings restoration and reconciliation to the body of Christ and a renewed sense of hope and purpose to those called to these leadership positions.  

As a Christian, are you sensing a call to explore this topic of creating a culture of honour, be it for yourself, your team or the business/ministry that you oversee? Then I would invite you to call me for a free consultation and we can explore this in more depth.

“Honor all people, love the brotherhood, fear God, honor the king” (1 Peter 2:17)

What Our Clients Say


"Diane is a knowledgeable and competent facilitator. She is well liked by students for her teaching ability, professionalism, and personal warmth. I would have no reservation in recommending her for any career opportunity that she may want to embark in the future."


Mr. Ben Ontuca

Program Manager

Business Management Program

Columbia College802 Manning Road NE

Calgary, Alberta T2E 7N8




"I've seen in Diane Lloyd the ability to quickly understand the climate of an organization in order to build on what's functioning and find solutions for what needs improvement. Being extremely approachable and able to relate to a wide variety of people at different levels makes Diane excellent at building value into organizations as an HR Consultant."


Cliff Wiebe 

Consultant & Trainer

Global Team Design

Calgary, AB, CANADA




"I want to thank Diane for the creative and enthusiastic manner in which she guided our HR efforts. Diane has given me and the Senior Management Team (SMT) a greater appreciation of the strategic perspective and contribution that the HR team brings to the organization."


Fred Weiss

Executive Director

Samaritan's Purse-Canada




"Diane Lloyd of Lloyd & Associates was one of my lead presenters for The Human Rights in the Workplace Workshops in southern Alberta. The program consisted of a six-module curriculum on key issues on how human rights impact the workplace. The workshop was offered to all sectors; private, public, and non-profit. Diane proved herself as a quick learner and adapted to the demanding environment with ease. Evaluation results from workshop participants rated her as one of the best presenters for the region. I am impressed with her personable traits, professionalism, and trust-worthiness. Her knowledge with the human resource issues and practice was an added bonus to the program. I found her to be open to new ideas and information that added to her rich repertoire knowledge and skills. I will not hesitate to recommend Diane to any organization which might need her services."


Nicholas Ameyaw

Coordinator, Education Programs

Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission




"It was my privilege and pleasure to work with Diane Lloyd when she was the Director of Human Resources at Agape Hospice. Diane is a woman of integrity who possesses strong leadership skills with an innovative approach. Her personal attributes and professionalism enable her to work well with others. Diane's deeply held Christian beliefs and ethical practices are foundational in her work and interactions with others. She will be an asset to any project or task she undertakes."


Reverend Marilyn Evans

Spiritual Care Manager and Chaplain

Agape Hospice


"Diane Lloyd (Lloyd & Associates) worked as a subcontractor with RDF Management Limited for approximately 1.5 years. RDF Management (now retired) was recognized as a leader in the professional development of people within leadership organizations. Through an established network of consultants with extensive public and private sector experience, this company was able to offer an integrated approach to human resources management and leadership development to its clients.

During her time with RDF Management Limited, Diane’s role was to assist with the design, development and delivery of some RDF’s leadership training programs; as well, strategically collaborate with other allied consultants in the promotion of RDF’s forward thinking strategies and leadership training programs . Diane’s honed skills in verbal and written communication, leadership development, program delivery, and strategic thinking were very instrumental in this process. She brought great insights and a strong work ethic to the group.


Diane terminated her relationship with RDF to return to school to obtain a Business Diploma in Human Resource Management ….her determination to do so was greatly inspired by the work that she did while subcontracting with RDF Management Limited."


Diane Fru,

Owner, RDF Management Limited

Langley, BC

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