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The Global Cry

There is a desperate cry throughout the global community for God-fearing men and women who are led by the Holy Spirit, not by “man”, who know that their identity and purpose is in Jesus Christ, who are not afraid to confront the darkness with His uncompromised Word and who recognize the importance of Godly leadership.

God is raising up an army of men and women who are anointed for such a time as this…… men and women who have come through their own crisis of belief, who are chasing after the Lord at a much deeper level of intimacy, who are not willing to compromise their Christian beliefs and who are coming together in unity in spirit to usher in God’s plans and purposes during this hour

I am one such women. As a baby boomer Christian, I am one of several women in my generation who have been prophesized over and called to step out in faith to help Christian women, regardless of age, navigate their way through their own crisis of belief. This journey is not for the faint-hearted. It takes courage and a willingness to be transparent as one faces their own fears and accepts responsibility for what has brought them to this crisis. I know this to be a fact because I had to come through my own crisis of belief some years back. And I can tell you that God’s unfailing love and timeless truths never change when we look to him during a crisis. There is purpose and reason in everything that we go through in life and those who surrender to His Kingdom plans and purposes are supernaturally transformed from within. Spiritual blinders are removed and they begin to operate from a Kingdom perspective vs. a world perspective here on earth. The heart of a servant leader begins to emerge within you, one who seeks to influence, shape and sustain cultures of honour within what are referred to as the Seven Mountains of Cultural Influence. These seven cultural mountains are commonly referred to as Family, Religion, Business, Government, Education, Media and Arts and Entertainment.

The evidence of God’s Kingdom principles, characterized by His unconditional love and passion for truth, justice, transformation and excellence, become the foundational pillars that uphold this culture. People begin to honour and value one another for their spiritual giftings and contributions that corporately are used for God’s plans and purposes.

The choice is ours as to which of the two kingdoms and cultures we will serve while here on earth, but it cannot be both: it will either be God’s Kingdom culture of honour that is rooted in His truths, unconditional love and eternal life or Satan’s Kingdom culture of dishonour that is rooted in deceit, denial, and eternal death.

Which Kingdom will you continue to choose to serve as you come through this crisis of belief?

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